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Our vanities in bathroom ensure a unique combination of premium aesthetics and supreme functionality. Our customized bathroom concepts are designed to match specific and diverse needs. From warm groove to soft touch, industrial to reflective, our high-quality and trending bathroom furniture like waterproof cupboards promises a lovely start and end of the day.

Our focus on ergonomics is never deterred. Our thoughtfully designed bathroom furniture ensures enough space for walking and fun water fights. You can enjoy lovely moments that you will cherish for the rest of your life fondly. Also, the use of integrated glass elements, floating base unit, consistent colour concept, etc. makes the space appear bigger visually.

While colour is a personal choice, Taupe grey colour gives a warm and modern look to the bathroom space. White, the classic choice, can also help you preserve the elegance and nobility of your private room. Bold choices like shades of green and blue can create an inviting look. You never know, your choice can become a trendsetter for the rest!

Invest in trending designs and high-quality material selection to ensure beauty and durability. Our chic ideas like cabinets with faceted panels, mineral green front with anti-fingerprint coating, golden handles, contrast cover panels, marble patterned ceramic slab, etc. evoke visual freshness. Visit Nobilia Experience centers in Mumbai, Indore, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Raipur, and Delhi NCR for a showroom tour, or download the brochure.

The walnut underpinned by alpine white can harmonize impeccably with a cool quartz stone surface. The natural look of the Sierra Oak also provides structure to warm and natural bathroom architecture. The Laquered laminate in Montreal Oak reproduction will also make you feel the naturalness.

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