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Ahmedabad, ranked as the third-best liveable city in India in 2020 by the Ease of Living Index. Aapnu Amdavadees believe in comfortable living with style! Their flair and passion for cooking drives them to aspire for a contemporary kitchen design. If you are looking for modern, innovative, tailor-made kitchen solutions with smart storage space and digitally inspired designs, then Nobilia India Modular kitchen in Ahmedabad is an ideal option for you.

German kitchen in Ahmedabad

How the German Modular kitchens revolutionized the kitchen industry?

  • The fact that German Modular Kitchens have invited an unrivalled reputation for being the forerunner in offering top quality and unprecedented design cannot be understated. The unwavering commitment of Nobilia Modular Kitchens in delivering quality performance to their clients over the long term has been continual.

  • Our modern kitchen designs are fresh, uncluttered, and state-of-the-art. Our ergonomic kitchen design brings sophistication, elegance, and convenience to our client's home. Nobilia bespoke Modular Kitchens designs offer premium quality, durability, high-tech features, and futuristic design solutions. Our kitchens are manufactured using best-in-class production techniques and tested as per stringent standards to ensure quality and incredible performance.

  • Built as lifestyle kitchens, we incorporate smart storage features with design usability to surpass other kitchen designs. We offer flexible specifications and made to order kitchens where the clients can select the height and width measurement of the worktops, choose the layout of the modular kitchen, add features, maximise storage, etc.

How do we workOur 7 Step Approach!

Showroom tour
Engineer Visit
Design Creation & Approval
Custom Kitchen Creation
Ready to Ship
Life of piece begin

Nobilia’s commitment to Customer Service is unmatched. We offer best-in-class pre and post-installation services. We also provide a 5-year warranty and guarantee of a manufacturing defect.

Visit Nobilia India Modular Kitchen in Ahmedabad Experience Centre and explore a range of elegant and pure urban style kitchens, a perfect combination of premium design and incredible convenience!

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116, Sun Orbit Rajpath Club Road
Near Pandit Din Dayal Auditorium,
Bodakdev, Ahmedabad,
Gujarat 380054
Tel.: +91 8655810679

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There are more than 70 years of experience and the know-how and lifeblood of more than 3,550 employees in every one of our kitchens. All this and much more have made us the market leader and Europe’s largest kitchen manufacturer.

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