What Size Should be my TV Console

14 Jan 2023

Getting the right console for your TV may be a daunting task. Whether you wish to buy or wish to get a custom made TV console for your home, then it is important to be mindful of its size. The size should be apt to fit your wall perfectly and allow you to enjoy a good movie or a web series!

While you may research a lot when buying a new TV, it is equally important is find suitable support for your TV that works well in your space.

Tips to keep in mind when buying a TV console

Here are the top tips to determine the right fit for your TV.

1. Size of the TV

When shopping for a new TV console, the first thing you need to ensure is to know the precise measurement of your TV. It will narrow down your options and the console buying process will become easier for you.

Remember that the manufacturer advertises the diagonal length of the screen starting from the bottom left corner to the top right corner. To get the correct size of the TV, measure the width from the left side of the TV to the right side. Similarly, measure the height of the TV from the top edge of the screen to the bottom of the TV. As per the overall width, depth, and height of the TV, buy a stylish TV console from Nobilia for a comfortable viewing experience.

2. Size of the TV Area

When you have the dimensions of your TV, you can make sure that there is appropriate space for the TV in the console. Buy a console that offers at least 2 to 3 inches wider space compared to the width of your TV. This will ensure sufficient room around the TV screen.

3. Placement

For safe and convenient TV viewing, position your TV at a height that is not too tall or too short. The placement of the TV should be such that it does not cause pain to the neck and stress to the eyes. As per the recommended guideline, the center of the TV should be just slightly below eye level. Also, check whether your TV is placed at the proper distance from your couch. According to the distance rule, keep the TV at a distance of at least twice the length of your TV screen.

Go for a TV console that not just offers functionality but accentuates the look of your living room or bedroom. The TV console must exhibit a stylish interior and offers a balanced look. If you are looking for an innovative design and a premium quality product, then explore Nobilia India. Our design specialists and engineers ensure to create Ergonomic, Convenient and Modern TV consoles. Our consoles are custom made basis your space and personal choice and are embedded with digitally inspired high-tech features.

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