What are trending sustainable Modular kitchen designs

27 Apr 2023

Right from reducing kitchen waste to efficient storing, preventing repair and deterioration to installing durable kitchen cabinetry made from sustainable materials, there are numerous ways to ensure sustainable living. To ensure a healthy and eco-safe kitchen, you must get an environmentally-friendly designed kitchen in your home. The concept of Sustainable Modular kitchen is continuously gaining popularity in India.

Sustainable Modular Kitchen Designs Ideas

The evolution in kitchen designs has been on a rise, and creating an eco-friendly modular kitchen design is the next big thing. A sustainable modular kitchen is composed of cabinet modules and other storage spaces made from organic and natural materials. These building materials offer environmental, social, and economic benefits. Right from procuring the raw material, to installation, and final delivery, a sustainable kitchen keeps protecting the environment.

Incorporate sustainable materials

Choose a kitchen provider that uses sustainable materials to design kitchen cabinets and furniture. Premium German kitchen brands like Nobilia ensure stunning aesthetics, modish features, and the use of natural and organic components in their kitchen designs. Their material such as Engineered wood is not just sustainable but long-lasting as well. All of the material that goes into their kitchen cabinets and frontals are responsibly sourced and built. Also, there is no denying the fact that Nobilia’s sustainable kitchens exude class and timeless style!

Buy eco-friendly kitchen essentials

There is a galore of sustainable kitchen appliances in the market. Though they may need you to spend a little extra initially, but certainly help you save money and also reduce your carbon footprint. Also, investing in premium quality kitchen appliances means elevating the décor of the kitchen design. Due to the top quality, you need not replace or repair these durable kitchen appliances. To cite an example, be informed that induction hobs are around 80% more efficient than gas hobs. Star-rated Energy-efficient dishwashers, refrigerators, dryers, and ovens save time, water, and energy and give a contemporary look to the modular kitchen too!

 Modular Kitchens


One of the crucial parts of a modular kitchen design is its lighting. Lighting is an essential component to have a significant impact on kitchen efficiency. Considering installing energy-efficient lighting is not the only thing, you also need the rightful placement of the bulbs to provide maximum light. Strategically placed doors and windows can lower your energy consumption. By allowing more light, it can reduce your utility bill.

Use LED bulbs, spotlights, and strips to ensure less consumption of energy and higher durability. LED lighting looks modern and elite too! Other than the task lighting, which is a necessity to illuminate the kitchen area, create mood lighting too for a soothing ambiance. Train your kids to turn off the light when it is unnecessary and save electricity!

Low VOC Paint

Say 'No' to VOC or volatile organic compounds paint. The latest in the interior design world is to ditch regular paints that have high VOC and choose low or zero-VOC paint options. When VOC mixes with the air, it can lead to severe health issues. Many paint brands have come up with zero VOC. These may be more expensive than regular paint options but are better for health and nature.

Eco-friendly flooring

One of the sustainability tips is to use eco-friendly flooring. Responsibly sourced materials like timber, stone, bamboo, cork, etc. have a minimal environmental impact. The same can replace regular flooring to contribute towards the betterment of the planet. This contemporary kitchen design idea can upscale the style quotient of the space too!

Even the smallest change can leave a big impact on Mother Earth! Whether it is choosing to cycle instead of driving a car to work, recycling your waste to produce manure, or making your modular kitchen design more sustainable, we can be a little kinder to the environment and make a green planet.


A sustainable modular kitchen design incorporates cabinet modules and storage spaces made from organic and natural materials, offering environmental, social, and economic benefits. These kitchens are designed to minimize waste, prevent deterioration, and promote eco-friendly living practices.

Opt for energy-efficient LED lighting and strategically place doors and windows to maximize natural light and reduce energy consumption. LED bulbs, spotlights, and strips offer modern aesthetics while ensuring lower energy consumption and higher durability.

Consider using responsibly sourced materials such as timber, stone, bamboo, or cork for eco-friendly flooring options. These materials have minimal environmental impact compared to traditional flooring materials and can enhance the style quotient of your kitchen space.
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