Things to Remember Before Visiting Modular Kitchen Experience Centre

11 Jan 2023

Choosing a brand-new kitchen for your home sounds like an exciting project. However, to ensure that it matches the kitchen of your dreams and you don’t miss anything, it is imperative to make a checklist before visiting Modular Kitchen Experience Centre.

Things to consider before visiting the Modular kitchen store

Designing a kitchen needs to be planned thoughtfully and carefully. Though it is natural to be tempted to explore the stunning and sleek designs displayed in the store, it is not wise to make an impulsive decision. Therefore, before your rush to the modular kitchen store, always keep in mind the factors mentioned below to buy only the best.

1. The Material

Ensure that the material of the kitchen cabinets, countertops, and more are high-quality, durable, and low-maintenance. The kitchen is a busy area that often involves high footfall and rough handling. The material should be able to sustain the smoke, oil, stains, roughness, and heavy footfall. A gentle wet wipe should be able to clean it up so that it starts looking new again. Nobilia India offers German-made kitchens in Engineered hardwood, which is a long-lasting and premium quality material.

2. The layout

One of the crucial decisions while designing a kitchen is the layout. Other than picking the right colours and designs, it is also vital to utilize the space you have. So, pick the right layout as per the available kitchen space. Take a call whether you want a U-shaped kitchen or L-shaped. Consider an island kitchen if the kitchen area is big or a parallel kitchen if you have a compact space.

3. The storage

Every family has different storage needs. The best part of the modular kitchen is that it offers customization. Make a list of all the essential items in your kitchen, along with a plan to keep them. Throw the junk out and be specific about the number of cabinets and shelves needed. Get a pantry to stock the grocery and work in a hassle-free kitchen. Nobilia bespoke kitchens are crafted as per the needs and demands of the homeowner.

4. The colour

Have you been following Pantone? You must be aware that the Pantone colour of the year is a shade of blue? Well, colour is a personal choice, but it is recommended that homeowners should get their kitchens designed in reflector hues. Avoid dark shades such as black and brown because they are not good reflectors of light and make the kitchen look damp and dull.

5. The working area

The workspace that houses the cooking area, washing area, and stocking should be planned efficiently to avoid messing up the area. Keep the spaces at least three feet apart on the countertop to ensure smooth working in the kitchen.

6. The height

It is important to consider the height of cabinets and the depths of countertops. Kitchens must be designed ergonomically to prevent difficulty working and back pains. The best part is that the kitchen designers customize kitchens according to the height of the user.

7. The accessories

Keep the provision for accessories to add convenience. The accessories such as the waste disposal unit, D carousel, detergent holder, bottle pull-out unit, etc. will ease your working in the kitchen.
So, if you are all set to welcome a new kitchen in your home, do ensure to refer to the above checklist. This way, you will settle only for the best and enhance your kitchen experience.


Nobilia India offers German-made kitchens crafted from high-quality Engineered hardwood, known for its durability and premium quality, ensuring your kitchen withstands daily wear and tear.

Choosing the right layout and customizing storage options according to your needs is key to maximizing space efficiency in your kitchen. Consider factors like layout, storage, and accessories to optimize every inch of available space.

Opt for light and reflective hues to make the kitchen look bright and spacious. Avoid dark shades like black and brown, as they can make the kitchen appear smaller and darker.
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