Top kitchen design trends in Mumbai

16 Sep 2022

People from all over the country travel to Mumbai – The city of Dreams, to fulfil their aspirations. Mumbai is known for its cosmopolitan culture, glitz and glamor, numerous career opportunities, and compact homes!

The price of Mumbai real estate has skyrocketed. Since the land is minimal and the prices are steep, most of the builders in Mumbai offer compact homes to the buyers housing a small-sized kitchen. But the good news is, expert kitchen designers can help you efficiently optimize the available space. With their design excellence, they can virtually enhance the kitchen space.

If you are looking forward to installing a new modular kitchen in your home, acquaint yourself with the top trending kitchen designs here.

1. Efficient Kitchen Cabinets

Efficient kitchen cabinets are key to making modular kitchens more conducive. If you observe the modular kitchen design trends 2021, you will know that the past year innovated whole new types of storage cabinets. The kitchen design ideas will continue to be ruled by more systematic cabinets. A well-designed cabinet conceals most of the kitchen appliances. Long cabinets with glass doors look chic and can house several accessories. German modular kitchen offers ease of accessibility, convenient storage and seamless organization.

2. Minimalism

Minimalism and De-clutter are the two latest buzzwords! Contrary to the previous times when abundance was the status symbol, now people have started understanding that minimalism can improve the aesthetics of kitchen and functionality too. All thanks to modular kitchen design!

Minimal kitchen styles are in vogue. It keeps the kitchen optimized and clutter-free. Look out for warm colors, kitchen accents, and statement backlash patterns.

3. Open Kitchen

One Pro tip for small-sized kitchens – Keep your kitchens as open as possible! These days, Open kitchens have become the norm. The admiration for open kitchen layouts in the apartments continues to grow. Cooking is no londer an isolated job. It is a collective chore that can bring families together. Other than a response to our lifestyle evolution, small modular kitchen design opens up the cramped kitchen space.

4. Light up

With the rising industrial kitchens trend, LED lighting has also become popular. Kitchen lights are good for aesthetics as well as changing the mood. Hanging lights can add warmth and charm to the space. Chargeable lights have also become a preferred choice of people.

5. Bold Contrast

Break the monotony of stereotyped colours and welcome contrasting colours in your kitchen design. Kitchen cabinets and countertops in dissimilar colours are the latest kitchen design trend. A bold splash of vibrant colour will add life to the kitchen space and makes it look interesting too.

6. Pantone colour

Do you know what is the new Pantone colour of the year? It is the warmest shade of blue - Very Peri. This lush blue colour that has a few red hue hints, is going to rule. Are you ready to encompass this trendy shade in your kitchen design?

With so many tips and trends, pour in your innovative ideas too, and create a stunning kitchen space!

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A modular kitchen is characterized by its innovative design, pragmatic solutions, and utilization of advanced technology. It offers a sleek and organized space equipped with cabinets, drawers, racks, and shelves, tailored to meet individual requirements and style preferences.

Modular kitchens revolutionize daily cooking experiences by providing efficiently designed spaces that make tasks easier and more enjoyable. With their sleek build and smart storage solutions, they enhance lifestyle and convenience in urbane homes.

Nobilia, a leading German kitchen expert, offers futuristic, ergonomically designed kitchens with premium quality construction and high-tech features. Their expertise lies in providing tailor-made solutions that meet individual needs and preferences.

At the Nobilia Ahmedabad Experience Center, customers can explore a multitude of advanced features and functionalities aimed at making kitchen life easier and more organized. Professional assistance is available to create sleek and contemporary kitchen designs.
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