Premium and Luxury kitchens in Pune

16 Sep 2022

The demand for luxury kitchen design and a premium finish, is ruling Pune modular kitchen industry. The people of Pune are looking forward to creating a kitchen space which is high on functionality, equipped with modish features, designed in trending colours, and are built using cutting-edge technology.

So, how do you picture your luxury kitchen? Here is what the best modular kitchen showroom in Pune are offering.

Contemporary look

Premium kitchens create a statement with contemporary designs and striking colour patterns. The idea is to create not an over-the-top kitchen, but something that can give a classy vibe. While some homeowners like to choose neutral colours of grey and beige, some like bolder colours with ample lighting.

The complex shades of blue are going to be the colour of this year. Exhibiting belief in an eco-friendly approach, green in all shades is also a year's colour trend. Go for aristocratic grey-green or pistachio and pastel greens; this colour can be infused with classic white and black to create a statement kitchen.

Efficient Space management

Best modish kitchen designs maximize utility and ensure efficient space management, especially with a smaller kitchen. German kitchen designs use every corner of your kitchen to add space and convenience. Modular kitchen units are arranged such that the working triangle of the hob, sink and work area is reachable. Efficient space-saving techniques are applied while creating kitchen cabinets, racks, baskets, holders, pull-out shelves, etc.

Customized Kitchen space

You can customize your modular kitchen unit based on your need. The modular kitchen manufacturers in Pune allow you to choose the design, colour, layout, storage units, countertop material, drawers material, etc.

Island Kitchen

We cannot miss including a kitchen island when we talk about luxury kitchens. A favourite of many homeowners, this modular kitchen style gives a premium feel. However, the island must be installed only in large kitchen spaces. Whether it is an L-shaped kitchen with an island or a U shape designed kitchen with an island, this design does not fail to impress!

Handle-less kitchen

Handless kitchen has gained more popularity over time. It not only looks stylish but is practical too. It aligns with the idea of minimalistic design and prevents dust and dirt formation. The best German modular kitchens also use a handles-less design for a refined look.

Today, the leading kitchen designers create clutter-free countertops and sleek cabinets to heighten functionality and make the space look stellar. For getting a luxe kitchen in Pune, visit the Nobilia India Pune showroom.

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