Modern Kitchen Designs for your home

16 Sep 2022

Kitchen enhancement has become an essential consideration in home renovation projects. Today, there is a pressing need to create a well-organized, highly functional, and designer kitchen space.

If you are also on a kitchen renovation spree or want to install a new one, we guide you with the most contemporary kitchen designs for an awe-inspiring home.

Modern kitchen designs

Modular Kitchens offer a lot of scope for creative additions. Today, you don’t have to bother making the tough choice between a striking look and functionality. The current modern kitchens embody both elegance and utility.

Whether you want to create an eclectic kitchen or a seasoned one, bright or subtle, we acquaint you with the modern kitchen design tips to include in your space.

1. Neutral hues

A kitchen showcasing neutral hues looks forever classy! A modern kitchen design with neutral hues means lighter shades, minimalistic pattern, sober kitchen furniture, and natural granite countertops accentuated by mosaic-inspired backsplash tiles. How about adding an exquisite chandelier to add an element of fun and drama?

2. Handless

To create a modern and sleek-looking kitchen, handle-less options have become a trendy choice. Most of the German kitchens flaunt handless designs. The contemporary-style flat drawers and cabinets air handleless plans, unlike traditional kitchens. While a Colonial kitchen often includes heavy handles, improved kitchen designs believe in absolute minimalism. Minimalist design is one of the striking features of a European kitchen. The rail system is moulded in the cabinetry. You might not see a handle at all!

3. Open and Airy

Open and well-ventilated spaces characterize modern kitchens. Designing an open-concept kitchen space has become a popular choice due to its benefits. Matt blush cabinets with glossy white tones along with a sleek island seem to be the perfect match. A mix of open and covered storage racks will add a captivating look to the space. An open modular kitchen design exhibits modernism at its best.

4. Add nostalgia

Consider adding an archaic or last-century style wrought iron chandelier in the kitchen. Accessorizing kitchen with nostalgia such as white distressed wood shelves, latticework door, wood covered stove-hood, 19th-century street lamp, to give a unique edge and punch to your European style kitchen.

5. Quirky details

A kitchen with whimsical accents such as chalkboard backsplash, food quote wallpapers, your artsy design, hanging planters over a texture-painted wall will make the space playful. This type of luxury modern kitchen designs keeps you forever young at heart.

6. Mix and match

Don’t be afraid of breaking the colour monotony. Choosing the right combination of colours can lead to an impressive kitchen. A contemporary kitchen design ideas blend the styles and colours to create a unique and welcoming space.

7. Strike a balance

A dark countertop with sleek backsplash and stainless-steel appliances can be balanced with woody-toned ground space. Also, equip a bright colour-stained glass window in your neutral kitchen. It will add charm and zest to your otherwise monochromatic kitchen. Many kitchen designers have been experimenting with different enhancements. Replacing standard glass panes with colourfully painted ones may brighten the entire space. Other than introducing colour, it will also obstruct the bright natural sunlight.

8. Include Accent Wall

When you have the luxury of space in the kitchen, you can add a fancy flair by including an accent wall. A powder blue accent wall with sculpture art will double up the decor.

If you are drooling over these stunning kitchen designs, it is time to start planning yours!

Get in touch with us, we will help you design your dream kitchen.


Neutral hues create a timeless and classy look in modern kitchens. Lighter shades, minimalistic patterns, sober furniture, natural granite countertops, and mosaic-inspired backsplash tiles complement the overall aesthetic. Adding elements like an exquisite chandelier can introduce a touch of fun and drama to the space.

Handle-less options contribute to a sleek and minimalist appearance in modern kitchens. They are trendy choices, often seen in German kitchens, and enhance the contemporary feel of the space. The absence of visible handles creates a seamless and streamlined look.

Quirky accents add personality and playfulness to modern kitchens. Features like chalkboard backsplashes, food quote wallpapers, hanging planters, and texture-painted walls create a lively and dynamic atmosphere. These details inject creativity and youthful energy into the space.>
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