How German Kitchens are changing the Modular Kitchen Industry

09 Jan 2023

The global modular kitchen industry is set to grow by more than USD 7 billion between the period 2020 to 2025, with a CAGR of 6.33%. While the Indian modular kitchen market was $206 million in 2018, it is projected to grow at a CAGR of 27% during the 2019-2024 period to reach $862 million.

The key factors driving the growth of the modular kitchen market are rapid urbanization, growth in the residential sector, demand for unique designs, efficient storage units, and effective set-ups for kitchen appliances.

With the advent of elite German Kitchen brands in India, the modular kitchen industry has been experiencing remarkable value addition. It has added to the luxury, refined choices, convenience, and architectural excellence. While a traditional kitchen provides limited design options, ordinary finish, and average convenience, the German modular kitchens offer trending, space-optimized, and stylish kitchens.


Let us discuss how German Kitchens have changed the facet of the Modular Kitchen Industry.

Key features of German Kitchens

Change in lifestyle and shifting consumer preferences have led to the growing demand for organized space and convenient facilities. A German kitchen is designed and customized to match the user's unique requirements. Other than effectively utilizing the given space and ensuring easy accessibility to kitchen tools, the German kitchen also guarantees classy designs.

Here are the key features of German Kitchen designs.

Futuristic Technology : Germany's no 1 Kitchen Nobilia is a pioneer in creating futuristic kitchens. Nobilia is an early adapter of technology. Right from the selection and resourcing of materials to manufacturing processes, including packaging and shipping, the impact of technology helps to create the world's most renowned products.

Social Kitchen Space : The key functionality of the kitchen has completely transformed in the last few years. Now, the kitchens are not restricted to just being a cooking space. It is seen that the guests often catch up with each other in the kitchen itself, creating a social atmosphere. The kitchen, which has become the heart of the home, led to the birth of something called a Social Kitchen!

Customized : German kitchens allow you to pick up your preferred style, functionality, and usage. Gone are the days when the kitchen was designed in the same and simple way. Kitchens today can double up the space and can be customized for large and small families. You have a say in determining the height of the countertop, storage unit design, hues and shades, and more.

Maximizes space : International trend vouches for the benefits of open kitchens. Tall units, kitchen units, open shelves, S-shaped pull-out units, and more are smartly integrated even in the smallest kitchens. German kitchen storage solutions are clever and ergonomic.

World-renowned manufacturing : Germans are known for their superior quality and durable kitchens. German-crafted Kitchens are exquisitely engineered and made using high-quality materials. The same is assembled with precision and attention-to-every detail.

Homeowners have a feeling that the traditional carpenter-made kitchens can no longer fulfil their requirements. They do not mind spending extra bucks to work with international brands that can offer end-to-end design, easy installation, and world-class service. The makers of German modular kitchens like Nobilia have made notable ingress in the high-end home decor segment. If you are also looking for excellent kitchen designs and superior functionality, then explore the best of German Engineering for the heart of your home.


German kitchens are known for their futuristic technology, social kitchen spaces, customization options, space-maximizing designs, and world-renowned manufacturing quality. These features ensure that German kitchens offer both style and functionality.

German kitchens allow customers to choose their preferred style, functionality, and usage requirements. From determining the height of countertops to selecting storage unit designs and color schemes, customers have the flexibility to personalize their kitchen according to their needs.

German kitchens stand out from traditional carpenter-made kitchens due to their superior quality, durable materials, precise engineering, and attention to detail. They offer end-to-end design solutions, easy installation, and world-class service, making them a preferred choice for homeowners seeking excellence in kitchen design.
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