Five Easy Steps to Clean and Maintain Your Modular Kitchen as New as Ever!

19 Jan 2023

Installing a modular kitchen in your home is a significant investment. As time progresses, a kitchen may start losing its elegant appearance and classy sheen. However, if you invest some time and effort in knowing and implementing some maintenance hacks, you can remain assured that your kitchen will last for a longer time and hold its look too.

Here we suggest you some vital tips and ways on cleaning or maintaining your modular kitchen.

1. Regular Cleaning Activity - Use Mild Cleaners

A kitchen is a place of fast-paced activity. This busiest place of the home is often vulnerable to dust, dirt, stains, smoke, and more. You must clean your kitchen regularly. Regular cleaning will ensure the prevention of the accumulation of dust and dirt on the kitchen cabinets. To clean the drawers and cabinets of the modular kitchen, use a mild cleaner. Use a soft cloth to wipe the area clean. Using an effective mild cleaner can help you achieve a shiny look. Ensure not to use any harsh chemicals as they may deteriorate the material and make the surface rough.

It is also important to keep the walls and tiles clean rather than just focusing on the cabinets and racks. Clean the walls and tiles at least twice a week to avoid permanent staining. You can also use mild detergent to keep the walls and tiles spic and span. In case there is a stain on one of the kitchen cabinets or tiles, apply the cleaner on the affected area and wipe it dry. You can also use the mixture of some vinegar or baking soda with water and scrub the stain gently.

2. Keep the cabinets closed

One of the essential maintenance tips for you is to ensure that you keep the kitchen units closed at all times. An Indian kitchen is a place that is exposed to a lot of dust. To prevent this dust from getting inside your crockery and spice rack, keep the drawers and cabinets closed all the time. It will also prevent cooking smoke and oil spills to dirty the kitchen essentials.

3. Deep clean once a month

The kitchen at times needs a deep cleaning. This inside-out cleaning will make your space more hygienic. It will go a long way to add life to your kitchen. You can also call professional cleaning service providers to deep clean the area at least once a month or two, depending on your usage. Deep cleaning includes cleaning the window mesh, grills, fan and exhaust, kitchen appliances, disinfecting the drawers and floor, and a lot more.

4. Install Chimney and Allow Air

Cooking an Indian meal means smoke, oil smell, stains, etc. One of the pro maintenance tips for you is to keep your door and windows ajar at the time of cooking the meals. This will ensure that the smoke moves out of the kitchen in the open air outside rather than contaminating your kitchen utensils, the surface of drawers and racks, etc. Also, do not skip installing a powerful chimney in your kitchen.

5. Be patient

Last but not the least, the longevity of your kitchen depends on how gently and carefully you use your kitchen. At times in a hurry, we often make rough use of the kitchen. We pull out the drawers and cabinets with force, pile several utensils up on the other, touch the kitchen shelves and spices rack with oily and greasy hands, and so on. Though this may benefit you with an extra few seconds, it will certainly compromise the look and durability of the kitchen in the long run.

A Modular kitchen looks desirable and chic. This contemporary-styled space also makes your kitchen activities more convenient. Follow the tips above to maintain the spectacular look of your modular kitchen forever!

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Regular cleaning is recommended to prevent dust and stains from accumulating. Aim to clean surfaces and cabinets at least once a week with mild cleaners.

Keep drawers and cabinets closed when not in use to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on kitchen essentials like crockery and spice racks.

Deep cleaning should be done once a month to maintain hygiene and extend the kitchen's lifespan. This includes cleaning appliances, windows, grills, and disinfecting drawers and floors.

Installing a chimney is recommended to combat smoke and odors, ensuring a cleaner kitchen environment. Additionally, keeping doors and windows ajar while cooking can help with airflow.

Handle your kitchen with care by avoiding rough handling, refraining from piling utensils, and keeping surfaces clean. Treating your kitchen gently will help maintain its spectacular look and durability over time.

Following these maintenance tips will help you preserve the elegance and functionality of your modular kitchen for years to come.

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