Effect of Natural Light in Modern Kitchen

18 Jan 2023

Most homes today are built with architectural designs that allow more sunlight in the kitchen. The positive effects of natural light in the kitchen are not just restricted to an elevated visual appeal but it is also a healthier choice for many reasons. An open, warm, and well-lit kitchen encourages the space for many more uses rather than being just a counter for food preparation and cooking.

How to ensure sufficient lighting in the kitchen?

Incorporating natural light design in the kitchen is essential. Having more skylights and windows in the kitchen design will introduce enormous natural lighting in the kitchen.

Before installing windows and doors for adding natural lighting, consider the direction of the sunrise. South-facing kitchens will help you with more lighting and better energy saving, while north-facing kitchens are colder and receive indirect light most of the time. The east and west kitchens receive bright light in the morning and evening.

The horizontal shelves having a window at the back help to distribute natural light evenly in the room. Sun tunnels, and circle-shaped holes in the ceiling, permit the natural light to shine in the room without creating excessive glare and solar heat. Another fantastic way to incorporate natural light into your kitchen is the skylights that distribute the light evenly in the kitchen to create a balanced look.

Ensure to use light curtains in the kitchen to brighten up the space. Alternative window treatments can also be considered to enhance the natural lighting in the room. Cabinets between kitchen spaces can be installed with glass doors to allow light to pass through.

Benefits of natural lighting

There are various reasons why natural light is a better alternative to artificial lighting.

Aesthetic benefits

Having natural lighting in the kitchen makes it aesthetically pleasing. Natural light with a mixture of artificial lighting sources changes the aura of the modern kitchen and makes it dynamic and inviting. The natural light can augment the size of the kitchen and make it look large.

Saves energy

Natural light helps you save energy. Allowing ample natural lighting in the kitchen can lower your energy consumption by more than half.

Enhances productivity

It has also been proven that natural light affects the productivity of workers too. The chef working in a well-lit kitchen works with high productivity and efficiency than those who don’t. It is also believed that natural light along with some artificial light can reduce the risk of getting seasonal affective disorder or SAD.

Prevents Mold and Mildew

The kitchens rich with natural lighting have less risk of mold and mildew issues. Mold and mildew generally develop in low-light conditions. The rays from the sun will make the environment unfavorable for mold and mildew. This means a healthier environment for your family.

Boosts Vitamin D

According to various studies, most people have insufficient vitamin D in their bodies leading to serious health concerns. The best source of vitamin D is exposure to sunlight. The scarcity of sunlight will need you to take vitamin D supplements. Integrating more natural lighting into your home via the kitchen will help you with vitamin D.

Other than the benefits mentioned above, inserting windows and glass doors for natural light increases property value to a great degree. German kitchen designs make provision for enough sunlight in the kitchen. Explore more on Nobilia India.

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