Best kitchen design trends in 2022

16 Sep 2022

2022 is the year of new perspectives, tailor-made solutions, individuality, natural hues, and more. Installing an incredibly designed modern kitchen is the dream of many homeowners. Getting a visually pleasing kitchen incorporated with many functional features is what you can aspire for in 2022!

Consider using these modern kitchen design options to make your space stand out if you are about to start a kitchen remodel.

Fresh perspective

The kitchen designs 2022 are ruled by a new and fresh perspective to offer tailor-made solutions for your kitchens. Consumer's ever evolving demands will be met in an innovative and modish fashion.

The kitchen has never been so important to us than in these times. The best kitchen designers are focused on creating an intelligently built collection of kitchens that offer functionality and convenience. It will house innovative features, including digital inspiration and unexplored colours. The décor will range from authentic to elegant.


2022 offers more identity to your kitchen by providing numerous options of different variants. So, what you get is an expanded product range with several new and exciting hues, top-quality materials such as wood, glass , and concrete, and a unique kitchen design to define the new look. If you want to draw inspiration from nature, then go for the calm and gentle colour of mineral green.

New colour options

2022 is going to be the year of new colours. Unexplored shades with clean lines and design features will offer unique modular kitchen designs. The kitchen designers are already experimenting with a vast palette of different shades and textures. Pantone- New Jersey, which is known for its Pantone Matching System, is followed by various industries. Pantone has declared a shade of blue, viz., Very Peri as the Pantone Color 2022. Nobilia being the trendsetter, takes pride in following the trend diligently, offers fingerprint-resistant kitchen solutions in the shades of blue.


If you also believe in the ideology of "Less is more”, you will follow the 2022 new trend. Kitchen designs stripped to the essentials are futuristic and adaptable for any space.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the kitchen manufacturers provided heavily-loaded kitchen solutions to the people. But now, the owners prefer to have a clean and well-organized walking space rather than the clutter of too many cabinets. A cosy concrete look in softer hues is a dream to create a pure urban style!

Beautiful and tidy readymade designs

With less time and more work, people prefer rigid-built and pre-assembled ready-to-install kitchens. The drawer units that are entirely constructed and doors ready to hang, the people adore quick and efficient installation. This helps speed up the process and the people back to their routine lives at the earliest!

German-themed kitchens

The homeowners aiming to create a niche and uncompromised kitchen space are looking forward to installing German Kitchens in their home. Experts say that the demand for readymade European kitchens will rise fiercely and become one of the most sought-after kitchen designs in 2022.

The new year has also increased thrust on the quality and efficiency. German bespoke kitchens offer unparalleled quality, engineering excellence, exquisite designs, and more. Whether you want a modern designer kitchen or stick to a traditional yet highly-functional style, choosing a German modular kitchen will guarantee you the most rewarding kitchen experience.

So, what is going to be your pick? If you want to go for the best aesthetics and quality, explore fresh designs from the Best German kitchen brand - Nobilia at Nobilia kitchen 2022 :

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