A Modular Kitchen That Works for Your Lifestyle

16 Feb 2023

Are you looking forward to creating a highly functional, elegant, and comfortable workspace? The whole idea of working in the kitchen has transformed. Today, modular kitchens have become a necessity and not a luxury. From a closed and cluttered space to an open and organized workspace, modular kitchens have truly revolutionized the lifestyle of homeowners.

Tips on creating a Modular Kitchen to match your lifestyle

If you also want to treat yourself to a classy and utilitarian kitchen space matching your lifestyle, then here we share some inputs.

1. Choose Layout

Depending on your style of working and the size of the kitchen, you need to select one of the kitchen layouts. The options you have are straight, L-shaped, U-shaped, G-shaped, Island kitchen layout, and more. Ensure to choose one that can maximize your working space and create a good workflow. Keep the golden triangle rule in the mind, so that access to the hob, the refrigerator, and the sink becomes effortless.

2. Enhance storage

Now, this one is tricky! More than required cabinets and drawers will mean a cluttered space that will significantly minimize walking space. Lack of enough storage options will mean messed-up appliances and kitchen essentials. Hence, be thoughtful and analyse your storage requirements well before getting the drawers and cabinets custom-made. Also consider differently-sized drawers and units for storing utensils, spices, cutlery, appliances, etc. Vertical pantry storage optimizes the space by stretching the cabinets to the ceiling level. It is an efficient and spacious storing solution for dry ingredients. You can also integrate pull-out baskets, cutlery organizers, corner units, and more within the kitchen design.

3. Select material wisely

If you are looking forward to creating a kitchen that lasts for ages, then ensure to ask your kitchen maker about the material used. It is highly recommended to go for Engineered Wood compared to other less sturdy and durable materials. This material does not get damaged and deteriorated even in moisture-laden conditions and rough use.

4. Aesthetics

Aesthetics play an important role in sprucing up the look of the entire home. Choose a single colour or a dual-tone colour scheme, a matte finish, or a glossy finish, as per your preference and liking. Incorporate under-cabinet lighting to make the countertop look spectacular and keep it well-lit. German kitchen expert Nobilia is committed to offering a stunning readymade kitchen in trending colour and design.

To find the kitchen of your dreams, suiting your refined taste and lifestyle, head to Nobilia India Experience Centre. You can also search Nobilia India online and explore a range of futuristic, ergonomic, stylish, easy to install, and easy to maintain Nobilia Kitchens.

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