A Guide to Placing Your TV with Nobilia TV Console Furniture

01 Dec 2023

The placement of your TV in the living room is a crucial decision that influences both the visual appeal and comfort of your space. Nobilia India, renowned for its innovative and meticulously crafted modular furniture, offers insights into determining the ideal height for your TV, ensuring a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics with their TV Console Furniture.

Eye-Level Comfort:

The ideal eye level for a TV console or stand is generally considered to be at the viewer's eye level when seated comfortably. This helps create a comfortable and natural viewing experience. A common recommendation is to have the centre of the TV screen at or slightly below eye level when you are sitting on your usual viewing spot, such as a sofa or chair. Nobilia's TV Console Furniture is designed with varying heights to accommodate different seating arrangements, providing a personalized and comfortable viewing experience.

Seating Configuration Matters:

Take into account the layout of your living room and the arrangement of seating. Whether you have a sectional sofa, individual chairs, or a combination of both, the height of your TV should be adjusted accordingly. Nobilia's modular furniture offers tailor-made solutions, allowing you to select TV consoles that seamlessly integrate with your specific seating configuration.

TV Console Furniture with Storage:

Nobilia's TV Console Furniture goes beyond traditional stands by incorporating storage solutions that enhance functionality. When choosing a TV stand with storage, consider the height of the storage elements. Opting for a TV console table with storage at a convenient height not only adds practicality but also contributes to the overall aesthetics of the room.

Consider Eye-Level from Different Seating Areas:

If your living room has multiple seating areas, such as a dining space adjacent to the TV area, consider eye level from each seating arrangement. Nobilia's TV Console Furniture is versatile, allowing you to create a cohesive design that caters to different zones within the room, ensuring everyone enjoys an optimal viewing experience.

Wall-Mounted Options:

For a sleek and modern look, consider wall-mounting your TV. This option offers flexibility in choosing the perfect height, aligning it with the viewer's eye level. Nobilia's TV Console Furniture includes wall-mounted options that provide a contemporary and space-saving solution, allowing you to customize the height to your preference.

Tailor-Made Solutions for Every Room:

Nobilia Furniture takes pride in offering tailor-made solutions for every room. Their TV Consoles are defined by smart variable storage, allowing for efficient organization and space utilization. Whether you have a compact living room or a spacious entertainment area, Nobilia's modular furniture provides options that cater to your room's specific requirements.

In conclusion, the height at which you place your TV significantly impacts your viewing experience and the overall aesthetics of your living room. Nobilia India's TV Console Furniture, with its innovative designs, diverse heights, and smart storage solutions, ensures that you find the perfect balance between functionality and style. Discover the art of combining utility and elegance with Nobilia modern modular furniture, where each piece is meticulously crafted to exceed expectations and reimagine the utility room.

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